Monday, March 26, 2012

5 PC Racing Games

The role of the 5 games played so far they have come to PC racing games. Would you like to know this as part of a franchise.

• Need for Speed ​​3: Hot Action - This is the third addition, the need for speed series. This is the police pursuits, which is an important part of the game is filled with many. The attention of foreign sports car in hot pursuit, but a new species, which are located in places that made North America are: the need for speed 3. This is a different environment, and contains various features. In addition, Oh yes, you can use the player has developed a new strategy may be to play.

• Grand Prix 4 - Grand Prix 3 Grand Prix 4 seasons, and the graphic update, which was published in 2000, a result. Physics engine is going to keep the game has been years, but the market is far less than the other three to their predecessors, have been. Grand Prix 4 for a PC or any other racing game developers tail end. Read More

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