Thursday, April 12, 2012

Video games for Girls

Trading in games, either the computer or the largest islands in the day, it's usually mingle with the public picture of a man. However, today it is necessary to distinguish these associations, as more and more games are consumed through the female audience. To mention that the video video games are exclusively for boys things are completely out of date.

Games for women have increased substantially today. To make this audience more effectively, many of the producers of games really are investing in these games by taking towards women in the universe and provide them with the characteristics of this target group. Also, another interesting bet is always to bring celebrities to help TV series, cartoons, sketches or videos to prove his identity with the girls.

Of the games produced in the public that the new women are wealthy, we can also dress up games, fashion, cooking, puzzles and thinking, and produced a number of special characters on the planet dolls and comic books. They tend to be: Polly, Barbie, Blood Shortcake, Hello Kitty, Monica Gang and many others. Read More

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