Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Games

I prefer the Summer Olympics that much of the winter version for one simple reason. I grew up in Texas and there was not much opportunity to play a lot of skiing with friends. As we prepare for the Games in London this week, I started thinking about the Olympic athletes and moments that stay in my mind, and while they were all on board, I always came back to the summer of 1976.

The movie Jaws was released this summer, but I have not seen for a few more years, because there was only a movie screen in my hometown of Commerce and rarely were the first films exclusively. Shark, probably did not reach the city until 1978 or 79 '. I remember the great celebration of July 4th of this year, because it was the Bicentinnial years, 200 years of America!

When play began in Montreal in mid-July I saw how many people did back then because in the days pre-wired, there was not much to see on television the night. As I saw that he was fascinated by a young Romanian girl of 14 who had specialized in gymnastics is a sport that had never seen and knew very little. How Nadia Coma? NECI danced and how she turned on the bars, I was literally glued to the Philco television. Read More

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