Thursday, November 1, 2012

Top 5 Best Racing Games For the iPhone

If you want the best racing games, the iPhone is where it is located. 3G iPhone and the accelerometer make for the best iPhone applications on the market. Driving has never been easier. Most games allow you to whip around the tracks with either touch screen or the accelerometer. Turn your iPhone from left or right, pointing down or up to move forward and most games do not need to press a button for gas. Look at the top 5 best iPhone applications.

5. Asphalt 4 - Use the accelerometer for easy steering as you zip through the streets of Los Angeles, New York or Shanghai in anything from a Bugatti Veryon for a Mini Cooper. Take out your opponents with a quick bump in the rear or slip sideways. You will see the take down mechanic return in this fast paced race that you loved from other Asphalt series. You can even race against your friends via wi-fi multiplayer function. Advanced game even allows you to drift, making it one of the best iPhone apps on the market.Read More

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