Monday, February 4, 2013

Games for iPod Touch

Popular Games for iPod Touch

ITunes is a lot more fun and stylish iPod Touch, you can have by the Games. There is an iPod Games, where for a list of some free, others not.

Backbreaker 2
This game should have won many hearts and get them for $ 1.19 is not bad at all. If you are a keen follower of football, I am sure you will love this game. It has beautiful graphics, amazing is full of character, the hard mode and makes you addictive. In addition to their role in the game, the ball carrier can choose or you can place in your defense. The game is more realistic that your player will perform a variety of movements. All NFL fans, this game is for you.

Assassins creed: Altair Chronicles
Only $ 0.99 for another action game, assassins creed: Altair Chronicles is a must have game for your iPod Touch. Adventure of the great sword fight and fight some of the most important techniques in order to work with. Everyone has his hands of assassins creed. Do not miss it.

Pac-Man Lite
Pac Man was a favorite of millions around the world. Now, Pac-Man Lite is here and it's free. This is the base for a virtual joystick control with even looks like Pac Man. Read More

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