Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fighting iOS Game

Final Fight was first released 21 years ago by Capcom. It was a great success in the games arcade and poured money into the coffers of Capcom as water. In all Western countries the final struggle was the next best thing since sliced ​​bread and won lots of awards for Capcom who smiled all the way to the bank. Now Capcom has released an IOS that is more or less based on its predecessor antaƱo.Hay six stages to complete. The Mad Gear gang is at it again and arcade action is as exciting as ever. It's going to kill lots of enemies and enjoy every bit of it. If you've played the first game, then you will remember the excitement that his veins. But how many old players are still out there? For many new Final fight is going to seem a newer version and the game can not depend on its predecessor to glory. Six stages are not much, and lack of content is disappointing. Read More

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