Friday, June 29, 2012

PSP 3000 PlayStation Portable

I am a player. If I'm not a player, I'm the player! However, like most people today, I am a player on the way! Which means as much as I want to just sit at home and play my video games, there are times when I have to stop the blinking lights and sounds behind the big to do things like I do not know - the job!

If I had to, and I could sit in my chair all day Surround, me, trust me! So I decided to see the latest portable gaming device from Sony and what I found knocked my socks!
PSP 3000 initial impressions

Being a follower of Sony, I've always been partial to the Sony PlayStation, the drivers were younger, who came (to me) in a pretty package so it was not a jump drive when I decided to take the new PSP 3000. The package was clean and looked like it had everything I had come to know and love inside. Read More

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