Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great Boxing Video Games

Boxing sports industry that inspired clothing in movies and video. Video game industry has benefited from this incredible sport. Since the invention of video games, it was start-ups in boxing titles listed below.

Mike Tyson Punch-Out! (1987)

In 1987, Nintendo has done most of the celebrity Mike Tyson, creating a game with a heavy weight. For the video game graphic 80 is not so bad, and the game sold very well. In total, nearly two million copies sold. Not bad, since they only pay 50 000 Tyson rumored to play

Super Punch-Out! (1985-1994)

There are several versions of this title as the Arcade and Nintendo. The first version of the arcade boxing five areas that the player had to be overcome. Then, to retain the title, the player must defend the same five wrestlers. Later, Nintendo will make several different versions. Read More

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