Friday, July 13, 2012

Women Play Games

These are the most effective tips to ensure that not fool you. Ignore them if you want trouble with it. Women are nice creatures are so generous and loving, however, are manipulative, at times, and play with men all the time to see if they are worthy of them.

Use this guide to see if she is playing with you and what do about it.

The best you can do to make sure that does not play with you is to give them space. In other words, there will always be in need around them. The women play with men only if they were seen as very needy and insecure. Necessity is the greatest threat to their love life.

The second thing to do is keep risque humor.
Some men think a woman is talking about interesting things casual, not daring to say your comments and keep bored. This is the wrong way to handle a woman. Keep risqué humor and change, never ceased to expect that what you will say next. If you find an opportunity to provoke a debate that few men dare speak, do it. The discussion should contain a lot of sexual tension. If you follow this, women find it very difficult to play with you because you will be the one playing with them. Read More

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