Thursday, December 6, 2012

Driving and Racing Games

Since the earliest video games, one of the most popular genres has always been the driving simulations. Conductor and nights Atari, released 70 was the first racing game, but it was really nothing more than a white messages on the screen to show the way to the edge.
Was not until 1983 that the first real racing game hit the arcades, Atari came again, and this time it was the Pole Position forces. Although incredibly simple today's standards, set the trend in the finale of arcade and computer games at home in the next 2 decades.

As the technology improves, so the game developers used them, and slowly but steadily improve the driving genre could be seen year after year. In 1986, the Sega game quickly became a classic, so the soundtrack as playing the game itself, and is still remembered fondly players today - it was a game Outrun. Outrun with cars began to look like the real cars were a number of levels, and semi-realistic landscape. Cars opposition behaved more or less as one would expect, and the game was a huge success.Read More

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