Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nova 3 Games

When the original game was released for the iPhone handles Nova front console based impressive titles like Halo. When the second installment of the Nova was released, it was obvious that the developers have made an effort to help the game stand out from its competitors by adding more spectacular scenery and faster action. The new NOVA 3 game has been released for the iPhone 4S and the title for the first time, put some distance between itself and other similar games, which offers one of the best mobile gaming experience available today.

The biggest difference I've noticed between Nova 3 for versions of iPhone 4S and the previous one is that everything looks bigger. There is a great story and graphics are bigger and bolder than ever. Users can enjoy a wider selection of weapons and the number of enemies is greater than ever. One of the most impressive aspects of this new game are the places that is staged action. There are a variety of different places ranging from shopping centers to disused underground parking. A very satisfying aspect of the game is how the landscape is very damaged and destroyed by gun fire and not just the enemy that you're supposed to aim. This helps make the experience of playing this game much more enjoyable. Users are not limited to walking places, there are a lot of vehicles that can use his gun and shoots one of them is really fun.Read More

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