Thursday, March 5, 2015

FIFA 2015 Games

Sold in the world know the name of the game? EA SPORTS FIFA Football gematii selling games in the world. The latest version of the popular game series 'FIFA 15' in September of this year, Playstation, Xbox and PC gamers have come to. The smartphone can play the game free of charge. Shoving players, accomplish goals, different types of viewers matamatisaha 'Emotion' showing interest, but also with each other, each of the players advantage of emotional expression. In any foul, the referee's decision, etc. Players can express their attitude. Like the real blows, after being injured in a bad phaule physical postures, after scoring a goal joy and frustration of missed goals more clearly enhanced. Changes in the environment field. Gyalarike more vivid than ever before. Supporters in the triumph of good and bad in the choice of the will expressed frustration colleagues.
Mubhagulo-skilled players is more smooth. Dribbling the ball, the other players pass, the second player will be more accurate if the Calling. Dazzling visuals and more precise controlling of all FIFA-15 is really a great game.
You need to play
OS: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 64-bit
Processor: .4 GHz or AMD quad-core to quad-core phenoma
Hard Disk Drive: 13 GB free space
Video card: ATI ryadana HD 5770, NVIDIA jitieksa 650

DirectX: 11.0

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