Tuesday, April 5, 2016

In search of hidden treasure!

Working the courage to jump into the bottomless pit eyes blindfolded? And again, knowing where it is dangerous, there is no gravitational effect? Then it will be time for you to make the leap! However, the fear that if you want to win, but the curious story of a child hears. A story in which a young man in search of hidden treasures out there living in doubt. Life is just a gun to save their belongings. Independent developers say japanabhittika mapinera made bhartikyali scroll shooter game, "said daunaoyela. Android, Play-Station 4 and homestead, built Aiosa and Microsoft Windows Mobile handheld game within the game has been nominated as the best game.

suspense game, drive down the dark stone, precious stones (Santiago) can be collected. We have to fight strange creatures. Fight monsters and monsters with different levels of wealth and hidden caves filled pratnasampade will find out. Left-game action religious, right, public action can be controlled by three separate buttons. Daniele operations will never be the same. For each level of the game is arranged randomly. So what are waiting for the enemy in front of the trap so I guess it's not easy at all. Game graphics, however, is nothing extraordinary, but every step is an exciting, if the game starts will fall in love with her. Do you have the courage to find the secret treasure?
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