Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fight for Egg

Game Maker ray of Bangladesh Bengali, Ltd. has launched a new "egg action game. Android smartphone or tablet propulsion and iOS can play them away for free.
The defensive game genre adventure game where the player must play the role of an egg. The game has a scientific background style fantasy. alien spacecraft and creatures, and one of a large number of eggs, eggs can be collected from the city. Through the different stages of the game, the eggs had recovered Asatai game objective.

The game is easy at first, but it also has to be step by step, according to manufacturers. These steps will have to cope with adversity in many different players. If, however, very difficult, maintained for 4 'power'.
Alam said the director of Minister ray Action egg around and there are altogether 101 levels. If you can play down once it is offline.
The company has 10 friends together. Game developers do not just foreign, but domestic manufacturers Mickey popular in the country, however, that sought.

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