Saturday, May 5, 2012

Exciting Further Beyond Fighting Games

Fighting away. Fighting games with the first 3D Android! It is difficult, it is fast - and if you beg for mercy, you're wasting your working hours. Application of the rough and speed of all the characters, and created a war. Everyone has their own signature moves. Battle Beyond the faint of heart because the action is fast and you are also the heart and center of gravity should respond quickly to avoid damage, do not. The four games - three difficulty levels, which exceeded the target mode, and push your skills. Special Education - Education got it, and includes new characters and discover the world's leaders - the government canceled the fight.
Battle Beyond the Mortal Kombat and Tekken fighting game on the other hand luxury style. In addition to the unique battle system of the fighters as they fight to move more slowly and show more damage, bruising and scarring to war.
Minami, Lucy, Sanjib and Ryota: There are four characters to start the game. Game Mode to play through the gate, you find you do not have 4 playable characters in the other groups.
The third is a possible tiebreaker round, two rounds of the battle to fight with it. As far as I checked this game can be determined by the double knockout is not possible.
The game has nice graphics. This application is a low-end phones do not work. Even with my HTC Thunderbolt at doing complex graphics, smooth animation and a description of the reason was.Read More

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