Monday, May 28, 2012

Top Exciting Mobile Games

With the growth of smart phones and tablets, mobile games have grown in recent Snake and Tetris. IOS and Android platform to start a new game to game developers, and currently has about 200 games every day on the mobile device. With innumerable minute, and can not escape from their power has been lost to us addicted. I now have three top mobile game on.

Sticky blocks: a block sliding game where the main purpose of this is that Android is white with a red square angle to the block technique. This game is challenging, because it is a different block size and color, and a few blocks is really sticky and join together. However, sticky blocks in any direction to block the user. This application has five levels - Novice, Easy, medium and difficult, and also provides a bonus level. Each puzzle is available in the medals, but it is really difficult to find developers for the gold medal. Android 2.0 or up for a free block is sticky. This version should be level 600 and will be given.Read More

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