Monday, May 21, 2012

SCX Slot Car Racing Games

SCX Slot Cars, Tecnitoys production company is called. Spain first began in 1960, the SCX brand. The latest example is the car to 1/32nd scale and duration of physical modeling, the latest electronic equipment and is built in a modern Tampo printing technology as. This means that the current crop, the car is a real race car, they represent a real copy.
Today's cars in China, built the most modern production facilities are used. The following nations are represented in the model that the current range of cars;

American Nascar

GT Sports car

DTM German touring car

Formula. Read More
Vintage Slot Cars

Combination Cars

Modern cars are built in two different operating systems. The analog system and the new digital system. The following paragraphs discuss in detail both the systems we study. Read More

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